Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pharaoh preserved - Pt 3 - Yusuf Estes miracle claim b*llocks

Today we finally dispense with the claim by Islamic miracle seekers(like the one above called Yusuf Estes) that the mummy of Ramses II (or that of his son, Merneptah) on display in Cairo is proof of the fulfilled prediction in the Qur'an that the body of the drowned Pharaoh of the Exodus would be preserved as a sign...
We brought the Children of Israel across the sea and Pharaoh and his troops pursued them out of tyranny and enmity. Then, when he was on the point of drowning, he (Pharaoh) said, I believe that there is no god but Him in whom the Children of Israel believe. I am of those who submit to God. What! Now! And indeed you disobeyed before and you were of the mischief-makers. This day shall We save you in your body, that you may be a Sign to those who come after you! But indeed, many among mankind are neglectful of Our Signs. 10:90-93
We have seen that archeological evidence for the Exodus itself is non-existent and the story related in the old Testament is thus, in all likelihood, a myth.
We have seen that the author of the Qur'an fails to specify which Pharaoh and that references to Firoun suggest a lack of understanding of the title.
We have seen that despite these difficulties of identification it is assumed that Firoun is either Ramses II or Merneptah and that neither of these Pharaohs was physically capable of leading a chariot chase - being old and riddled with disease.
We have seen that the origins of the claims go back to Maurice Bucaille who at the time of his researches, far from being an objective reliable witness who was overcome with wonder at the prediction in the Qur'an (as claimed by innumerable Islamic sites) was in fact writing a book about Qur'anic miracles and was in the employ of the Saudi royal family.
Finally let us dispense once and for all with some blatant lies told by some of these sites and swallowed by the gullible believers and would-be believers...
# Both bodies WERE MUMMIFIED - there is NO MIRACLE in the act of preservation per se.
# Neither body was found on the shore of the Red SEA (as claimed) - they were, like any other mummy, found in the Valley of the Kings.
# There were salt crystals found inside both mummies. This does NOT indicate drowning, but rather normal preservation techniques. Natron, the drying agent used in ancient Egypt is a mixture of baking soda and salt. It is therefore entirely expected to find salt in mummies. If Bucaille or anyone else suggests this is evidence of drowning, he forfeits any right to be taken seriously as an academic.
# I would be delighted to provide independent, scholarly evidence for all of the above FACTS if any Muslim miracle seeker would be interested in finding out about the truth instead of blindly following made-up stories peddled by people who should know better.

And as for Yusuf Estes, if you ever read this...YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.


  1. Yusuf Estes is grate man - you don't know what you talk about.

  2. u know nothing more than shit!! go do some research !!

  3. Thank you, Tintin for that erudite reply - and I do appreciate the Herge reference as well.
    Perhaps now you might like to make your point?

  4. Heard someone peddling this rubbish in the office today, thought I'd look it up. Thanks for taking the time to break it down. Good work!

  5. Glad to have been of service - hope you manage to convince your colleague of the lunacy of all this...

  6. I can't believe people are still falling for this crap. I notice not one Muslim has given any FACTS to counter your post.

    1. i m Muslim.. and have cleared what you said... read it !

  7. This is nuts. Do they really mean to say that Allah is using the burial ritual of *polytheistic religion* to enact one of his signs? LOL!


  8. well i would just like to ask u all even if his mummy is not a big deal how the writer of Quran knew that his body will be preserved like this? or He himself preserved it?

  9. At the time of the Prophet, and for quite some time afterward, we could not guess that a science called museology would be developed to harbor objects of historical value, amongst others mummified bodies of the Pharaohs. The Quran’s reference to this and to the people heedless of God’s signs are points deserving attention.

    1. Hi Anon,
      I'm afraid your implied claim that during the time of Muhammad no-one knew about the preservation of the Pharaohs is wrong.
      It was well known in the 7th century that the mummies existed. Hence it is perfectly possible that Muhammad knew of them and decided to include this "miracle".
      Do please do some research and come back with references if you wish to disagree.