Sunday, May 20, 2012

Liam Neeson - Islam's latest "shleb" target.

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Brothers and sisters, listen carefully. I shall say this only 763 times on numerous sites dotted around the web. We have a new target in our sites. And this one is a biggie. If we can hook this fella, we can forget Tony Blair's  sister-in-law, Jack Straw's son,  Yvonne Ridley and even Cat Stevens. This will be global! - it's Qui-Gon Jinn! (come on, you know...Star Wars?!), ok...Oskar Schindler! er..(ironically) Aslan! Yes, that's right - the "smouldering" Irish born Catholic mega star, 69th in Empire magazine's list (1997) of the greatest movie stars of all time  - none other than Liam Neeson! Yes, brother Liam has been touched by the call to prayer and has even been reported as reading the Qur'an! As reverts go, this is Premiership, no... this is Champions League! 
Please message brother Liam and tell him why Islam is the one true faith and how he'll have a great time with the brothers an' sisters. (I don't need to remind you all, of course, to keep certain things to yourselves, do I?...Namely: there's no need to tell him about what the Prophet ordered we should do to him should he change his mind after joining our happy throng. I also think we won't mention what we think about gays - Hollywood being Hollywood and all that. Oh, and perhaps keep quiet about that business of turning Jews into pigs and apes - Hollywood being Hollywood and all that.

Oh soo very satirical, Spinoza. You don't really think Islam is so desperate for celebrity converts they'd do something as crass as that, do you? 

He heard the adhan in Turkey - He is reading Quran - He has been listening to the dawah.
Now it is time to really take it up to another level.
Let's get serious Liam Neeson. You are considering swapping his Catholic faith for Islam, OK?
Please read what we are all saying to you (bottom of page) and then tell us what you think (inshallah - God Willing)...

I'm afraid so...Do please pop along to to see the latest twitter campaign.


  1. MashAllah alot of pray for him

  2. Thank Allah for guided him to Islam.
    Welcome bro

  3. I think you may be jumping the gun a little, Anonymous.

  4. if Liam Neeson does convert to Islam he will keep it to himself. To announce it in Entertainment rags and in the media would be career suicide. That's a fact. Muslims in America, real muslims who truly practice, are fired and passed over for jobs. Liam Neeson is a talented actor and I am sure he won't commit career suicide.

  5. if Liam Neeson does convert to Islam he will keep it to himself. To announce it in Entertainment rags and in the media would be career suicide. That's a fact. Muslims in America, real muslims who truly practice, are fired and passed over for jobs. Liam Neeson is a talented actor and I am sure he won't commit career suicide.

  6. okay whoever the creator of this site is needs to get a life. Muslims are not stupid enough to believe you're anything more than an insecure islamophobe who thinks about their hate for islam so much that you decide to make a webpage posing as a self-deprecating muslim who is speaking from a place of auhority about islam (which you are not). if Neeson has indeed converted, and i suspect he did so in the narnia days , he isn't going go share it because hollywood/ america is too ignorant and hate-filled to respect him for it. also it is no one's business if he has accepted islam, he has made the right choice. Oliver stone's 27 year old son also converted to islam this year and he publically announced it because he wanted to. so get a job or do something to take you're mind off islam, i know its eating you up but Islam is growing and is here to stay.

    1. Hi Haylee, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure why you think I'm posing as a (self-deprecating) Muslim. I make it quite clear in my leader that the reason for my interest and concern is that I have an old school friend who converted to Islam. His apparent reasons for converting bothered me since I could see that many of the so-called miracles he quoted to explain the divine nature of the revelation were either lies (number miracles) or based upon ignorance (isostasy). I have nothing against Muslims. I do, however, have many concerns regarding Islam, and in particular the "miracle factory" established by Saudi which has misled so many Westerners.
      I'd be happy to debate but please refrain from personal insults. So far, I've been very fortunate to only come across polite and erudite Muslims who wish to chat on this site (apart form the odd anonymous comment!)

    2. Who is an Islamophobe?
      An Islamophobe is one who is 'afraid' to speak the truth about Islam, in fear of 'hurting' the extremely volatile muslim minds.
      Sadly, that constitutes the most of those who don't subscribe to this Fascist ideology.

    3. “Islamophobia- a word created by fascists, and used by cowards, to manipulate morons.” 

      It works for you, I see.

  7. First off do you have a background in science at all? What evidence do you have that counters the claim that the Quran does not contain scientific miracles?


  8. Hi Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I'd be happy to provide you with references if you'd like to be specific about the scientific miracles in which you believe.
    I think that Islam has managed to persuade many people of the scientific and historic miracles in the Qur'an because prior to the internet it was difficult to check and research claims made by such charlatans as Yusuf Estes. Now it is simply a matter of following references and checking the facts.

    1. sorry - should have answered you question - No I do not have a scientific background other than a general university level education. Much like all those who claim scientific miracles for the Qur'an.
      Have you asked what qualifications Hamza Tzortzis of the iERA has, for example?

    2. Well I do have a background in science and I can tell you that while I was in those science classes, learning the material required for my major. I came across many discoveries or conclusions that the western world came to that I and fellow muslims have known for the last 1400 years. While there are the big things in the Quran like the embryo, mountains having roots, oceans that are separate etc, that are being talked about by non-science people as miracles which are true by the way. The things that are more noticeable to me are the little things that only someone who practices Islam knows.

      I'll give you one example, the concept of Wudu or ablution now Islam is not the first religion to talk about ritualistic cleansing but the way it was prescribed shows how much wisdom is in Islam. The first thing you wash is your hands then your mouth, nose, face, arms, neck, and feet last. Now it doesnt seem like a big deal now but the order in which was given is astounding to me. Why the hands first? and the hands were washed before the mouth, and the feet are last and dirtiest part of your body excluding your genitals and anus. Whats amazing to me is that germ theory was virtually unknown at the time and no one had clue about it. This was during a time that people would use the restroom not caring if fecal matter is on their hands and eat with them. No one had a clue, not until Joseph Lister came around in the late 1800's that sickness could be passed from one person to another from a contaminated source. Its also interesting to note that no one believed him and he died penniless. There are so many things I could list from my own knowledge and experiences that show the wisdom and divine nature of Islam.

    3. I should also note that the reason washing the hands first is so important is it will dramatically reduce illnesses that are caused by feces entering the digestive system. And think about it you could end up will some serious problems if the order of the ablution was switched around, can you imagine washing your feet first then washing your mouth out?

    4. All of the "big things in the Qur'an" that you mention (by which I take it you mean knowledge that is both scientifically accurate and known before anyone else)are either inaccurate or plagiarised. Take the "oceans that are separate" to which you refer. Here is what Aristotle said about this:
      "The drinkable, sweet water, then, is light and is all of it drawn up: the salt water is heavy and remains behind, but not in its natural place.[...] The place which we see the sea filling is not its natural place but that of water. It seems to belong to the sea because the weight of the salt water makes it remain there, while the sweet, drinkable water which is light is carried up."
      If you just do a little research with an open mind you will find there is not a single piece of scientific knowledge revealed in the Qur'an that was not known previously.
      Your reference to cleanliness is a case in point. You suggest that prior to Muhammad people would not care whether they had fecal matter on their hands. Even animals know that cleanliness is important. We have a natural disgust of fecal matter. You suggest cleaning the hands first is in some way a miraculous prescription. Really? And to dress this up as germ theory is pushing it, quite frankly.
      So please, give me a reference in the Qur'an that you regard as miraculous.

    5. Wow, well since you dont have a background in science the whole germ theory thing probably wont impress you. But honestly it doesnt matter what I say on the matter of scientific miracles because your just gonna refute it with some weird excuse. And as for the ocean thing, the miracle is not about how one region tastes like salt and the other region tastes sweet... this is a common observation that anyone can do, the miracle is the description in the Quran that talks about the two waters not mixing and being separated by a barrier, each of the two seas has different characteristics like different density etc. This detailed knowledge was not known until Jacque Cousteau did his study, and to deny this is ludicrous. So obviously people knew something was weird about these seas because they did a study on it so there was previous knowledge on it.... Just not the details.. Also if your going to quote people you should provide a reference.

      "If you just do a little research with an open mind you will find there is not a single piece of scientific knowledge revealed in the Qur'an that was not known previously".

      Also do not insult my intelligence. I have spent years studying science and my whole life as a muslim so I think that I would know better than most about the scientific content and accuracies of the Quran. And for the gullible lay person, google provides an excellent source of wack claims to believe about anything on any topic including the Quran.

      Now this is what I hope you are doing as I can see you have devoted a significant amount of effort to bashing Islam. An educated person, if wanting to refute some theory or thought, would first thoroughly understand what it is their refuting. So I hope that you have an actual copy of the Quran, not some weird digital version. This can be obtained from bookstores or the local Masjid. Now the second part is to study it, and I dont mean read it front to back once, I mean to study it and in the process probably read it a dozen or more times front to back. And only after your studies do you even have the right to criticize this book. If you are not doing this and are relying on websites that spew anti-islam facts then you are demeaning yourself and are nothing more than an ignorant bigot, and I have nothing more to say to you on the matter of science and the Quran.

      If you are not studying Islam or do not have the time to then I suggest you take down this blog, it is not fitting of an educated person. I personally find Christianity to be full of inaccuracies but I would never create a blog to share my thoughts unless I have devoted significant time studying the Bible. To do otherwise is embarrassing.

      I hope you are not embarrassing yourself.

    6. Hi Anon,

      Here's the reference to Aristotle's text: Please follow it up.
      Aristotle talks about the two waters not mixing. "The salt water is heavy", he says and "the sweet water is drawn up". How much clearer do you want it?
      Therefore the miracle is disproved.
      No-one needs a "scientific background" to find this out.
      Likewise I don't need specialist scientific knowledge to know that mountains do not stop the earth from shaking or to conclude that anyone could guess that tall structures like mountains and trees need roots. Where is the miracle in that?
      And yes, I have read the Qur'an many times.
      By the way - what is your scientific background. Just curious.

    7. Oh - and you seem to assume I'm a Christian.
      I'm not.

    8. Ok are you joking or something? That quote is Aristole talking about the origins of salt and spring water.. It has absolutely nothing to do with the phenomenon of salt and fresh water mixing.. Did you even read that page or are you going off of what somebody said?

      And you are supposing a lot about how intelligent you think humans are. Its easy for you to say well of course mountains have roots duh! Science has been a slow progress and we are where we are because we stand on the shoulders of giants. It was not common knowledge to assume mountains had roots, when scientist found this out with sonar technology I might add they were very surprised. So are you saying that these scientist were idiots for not assuming that...

      I didnt ask you if you read the Quran I asked you if you studied it. And I dont think you are Christian I was just giving an example.

      My science background is a bachelors in Neuroscience, with pre-medical studies. In case you don't know pre-medical studies includes a basic knowledge in chemistry, physics, biology, organic chemisty, biochemistry. I have worked in a lab for some years and am familiar with the way research is conducted. Im used to people knowing quite a bit about what theory they are testing or refuting. I would like to know what your educational background is?

    9. You're both douche bags.

    10. Another (muslim) well-reasoned reply! Koranic miracles- next you'll be quoting Zakir Naik! Can you tell us how the sun can set in a hot, muddy pool ON EARTH? Or how sperm comes from 'between the spine and the ribs? Or ANY of the 50 videos here??

  9. Hi Anon,
    So you have a background in neuroscience and a "basic knowledge" of chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry and organic chemistry. Does your knowledge extend to physical oceanography, I wonder. If not, then you are, by your own criteria, presumably reliant upon the expertise of others when it comes to analysing the miracle claim dealing with the mixing of waters in the ocean.
    Herewith a link to a physical oceanographer's study of the miracle claim:
    By the same token, I'd of course be happy to read a physical oceanographer's study that supports the miracle claim if you can find one.
    Failing that, perhaps we can continue to use our common sense.
    Regarding the Aristotelian text,I think most readers would conclude it deals with the separation of salt and fresh water and thus find it relevant to our discussions.
    Firstly let's look at the verse in the Qur'an that deals with the separation of salt and fresh water
    AND HE it is who has given freedom of movement to the two great bodies of water – the one sweet and thirst-allaying, and the other salty and bitter - and yet has wrought between them a barrier and a forbidding ban."
    Now let's compare it to what Aristotle had to say
    "The drinkable, sweet water, then, is light and is all of it drawn up: the salt water is heavy and remains behind, but not in its natural place.
    For this is a question which has been sufficiently discussed (I mean about the natural place that water, like the other elements, must in reason have), and the answer is this. The place which we see the sea filling is not its natural place but that of water. It seems to belong to the sea because the weight of the salt water makes it remain there, while the sweet, drinkable water which is light is carried up."
    In what way do the verses in the Qur'an give us miraculously more information?
    If you and other Muslims wish to see a divine wisdom in these lines then I can't persuade you otherwise; but for a reader who approaches the text with no preconceived notions of miraculous knowledge, there is nothing here to suggest a God-like omniscience.
    And in any case, I always come back to the question: If God had wished to persuade us of his divine miraculous, anachronistic, scientific knowledge, why didn't he refer to phenomena that were unquestionably unknowable at the time, such as the liquid magnetic core at the centre of the Earth, or the speed of light to name but two.
    Telling us that birds stay up in the air because of his magic powers, for example, might have convinced 7th century desert dwellers but is hardly likely to convince anyone with even a basic education.
    Likewise, mountains stopping the Earth from shaking and honey being a miraculous cure-all. The former being inaccurate and the latter being common knowledge as far back as ancient Egypt (although to read Muslim miracle sites you wouldn't know it...)
    My education? I'm a linguist.

    1. how many times do you have to read something to understand it? Some do not read well or understand what they read but if you make them read it over and over they start to believe whatever they read, brainwashing and how
      its done.

  10. May Allah guide and bless you Mr Neeson.I'll keep on praying the best for you.-Little Malaysia.

  11. Hi, I am a muslim and of a scientific background (though not oceanography) and am intrigued by your discussions. Regarding Aristotle's discussion on salt and freshwater, it is quite reasonable of you to suggest that the knowledge was not new in the quran. Then again, what seemed to be so unknown about it anyway? It is a simple observation that for the most part salt and freshwater don't mix and when they "do" there remains at least some chemical/physical differentiation. All the quran claims is that it is the will of Allah (swt) that this happens. Just as much as it may equally have been written that He would will the sky to be blue on a sunny day or grey of a foggy day - it doesn't seem to be any miraculous knowledge at all. The Greeks did make a lot of scientifically false claims also regarding salt and freshwater, which did NOT find their way into the quran. So even if it was not a book of astounding new knowledge and miracles (which it was never meant to be), the quran has correctly filtered the true science from the chaffe. Aristotle and Pliny both believed that salt water should be greater at the surface because of increased evaporation at the sea surface compared with its depths and yet they both also believed that salt water was denser than freshwater and should thus be below it, without bothering to address the contradiction there. The quran doesn't choose one or t'other but stops at the limit of what is factual. Aristotle believed that "salty" feces were due to an in-body evaporation occurring to ingested "sweet" liquid food, again a scientific nonsense. Aristotle's scientific mistakes are actually greater in number than his rights. His claims about earthquakes being due to wind make no sense whatsoever and yet, if the quran were plagiarised from his works or the contemporary "knowledge" of the time, surely such errors would be recapitulated in the text. The quran and islam for me are not about "miracles" but simply about logic and being in touch with and coping with harsh human realities.

  12. Mr.Spinoza

    There are ample of things to do , then criticize any religion
    with so much devoted time and hard work like creating a web pages and responding to every comments possible.

    by the way ,did your friend again converted from islam to your religion

    1. Hi Anon- he did not "convert to [my] religion" because I have none.
      I don't believe in sky fairies.

  13. Mr. spinoza
    you said you are not christian ,then r u atheist
    recently one of friend converted to buddhism and i need your help to creat a blog..................

  14. Hi Spinoza. . since you dont believe in God at all. . please mind ur own business. .stop criticizing my religion. .your existence in this world is a proof that there is God :) Im a muslim convert and i can say Islam is a very beautiful religion. . may Allah open your heart and mind :)

    1. Hi Anon,
      Thanks for commenting. You ask me to "mind my own business".
      I'd be happy to do so if those who tried incessantly to convert people to Islam minded theirs.
      Whilst there are lies being spread I shall work to counter them.

  15. hmm only correct theories selected and copied in Quran ? that man in the desert must have been one hella scientific genius, wouldn't you say?

  16. I laugh at your site.
    Islam not just lives on, but is growing!
    BTW, Quran is not a book of miracles, but a miracle in itself. Until you study, not just read it, you will not understand what I mean.
    Dear Muslim readers,
    “Such are they whose hearts and ears and eyes God hath sealed. And such are the heedless.” -the Holy Quran (16:108)

  17. What rubbish, who cares if Liam becomes a muslim? Apart from being among the "saved" and blessed by Allah what else does he bring? is he bigger or better in any capacity to other people who want to convert to Islam but lack the proper outreach or motivation?