Thursday, May 17, 2012

iERA Seeds of change - irony-free zone

iERA (Islamic Education and Research Association) is hosting an international women's conference this Sunday. Entitled Seeds of Change, the conference calls for the Muslim sisters to be the best of womankind. I'm not sure, however, that their choice of key note lecturers is  a particularly  wise one.
Among the inspiring speakers will be the (morally? but certainly financially) bankrupt sister-in-law of the blessed Tony, Lauren Booth. She is represented by this liberating picture...
This is presumably to stop the male visitors to iERA getting over-excited by a photo of A REAL WOMAN,  since the male speakers are all represented by old-fashioned fleshy photos.
The webpage also includes a video opened by our old friend, Hamza Tzortzis. In the video he tells the ladies not to be to be "shackled to a social construct or social consensus" but rather to enslave themselves to Allah.  All good stuff. "Free yourselves from the slavery of trying to be like men", continues Hamza. (Well they've certainly managed it with the photos...)
This is then followed by another six videos, all telling the ladies they must attend to become free.
And do you know something?
Not one, not a single one of those videos produced by the good MEN of iERA is presented by a WOMAN.
iERA are so far removed from reality that they apparently genuinely believe that a supposedly feminist conference ought to be introduced and explained to the sisters by MEN.
Well done iERA. You've shot yourselves in the foot ... again.


  1. I shall be going, God willing.

  2. I thoight this blog was rational Islam, bit you present only emotional arguments..

  3. Rational with a ?.
    It's called irony.
    And that's called sarcasm.
    And I'm sorry to be so tetchy but I've had a long day.
    And I know that this sounds emotional now.

  4. And anyway, what do you mean "only emotional arguments"?

  5. How do you define liberation? What is your basis for your definition of liberation> by comparing what men can do and what women supposedly don't? So by a man showing an image this is liberation but a woman not being portrayed this is what oppression?