Friday, August 26, 2011

"Mohammad (s.a.w.) was illetrate" - now you know.

Just a quickie today - a reply left for me on Youtube in the comments section on a video about the marvellous Pharaoh preserved miracle. Here's what I left:

After approx one century of intense archeological research there is not one shred of evidence that the Exodus is anything other than a STORY. Mohammad copied the story from the bible, added the bit about Pharaoh's body surviving because he heard tales of mummies (in the same way he heard stories of the Ark being found on Mt Judi)...

this is the reply I got:

lol, how could Mohammad(s.a.w) copy,he was an illetrate!
don't try to lie even for a speck;read holy Quran;
If you hesitate,then read the book"The Bible,The Quran and Science" by Maurice Bucaille,
If you still need someone who you could see saying this,then watch the former Christian Minister and preacher Yusuf Estes!
If you still are a typical narrow minded person in any aspect,nobody can help you out then,Fear God and don't try to convey something you don't know !

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