Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Yusuf Estes and the lies about embryology

Here's our old friend again, spouting mendacious clap-trap to the good folk at Guide USTV. "Who knew -even a hundred years ago - what the egg inside the mother looks like at the moment it's fertilised? Nobody... because it's microscopic"  And your point is, Yusuf? Ah, here we go... "An' yet, in the Qur'an it's clearly described"  Is it, Yusuf? Is the "egg at the moment of fertilisation" really "clearly described" in the Qur'an?? (You know, sometimes ol' Yusuf just makes it too easy for us, doesn't he?) So...according to brother Estes, this is what is described in the Qur'an in miraculous detail 1400 years before anyone human could possibly know what it looked like.
 Or, if you prefer...this:
or this...
And what is the miraculous passage that "Sheik" Estes wants us to believe describes the microscopic scene above? Well, it all revolves, it seems, around the word "alaqa", which (as followers of the Islamic miracle seekers will know) has three distinct meanings which Estes enumerates: a leech, a blood clot or something that clings. "All three of these are an EXACT description of what a baby looks like AT THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION", Estes tells his amazed audience.
Now forgive me if I'm being over-picky here, Yusuf...but "exactly like"??? I'm no micro-biologist, but even I can tell that the awe-inspiring pictures that scientific endeavour has allowed us to see have f*ck-all to do with a leech or a blood clot.
Once again, Yusuf Estes, you are lying to an audience of gullible people desperate to have their faith confirmed by whatever means possible.
Once again iERA you are supporting this shameful practice.
Shame on the lot of you.


  1. the man needs to be arrested for fraud. how can he get away with it?
    i saw him once - very convincing, more's the pity!

  2. Spinoza, you need to be on stage. I really is that simple lol! :)

  3. Shame indeed. this man and the iERA in particular are beginning to make the whole Muslim community look very stupid indeed.
    We need to stand up and say this sort of nonsense DOES NOT represent our views.
    Any other Muslim out there feel the same way?
    (I may not agree with everything Spinoza says but he's doing a good job highlighting the idiocies of people like Estes and Naik)

    1. Thank you for your comment, M.
      I'm glad there are Muslims out there who get as frustrated with this rubbish as I do.

  4. Spinoza, awesome as always. You should be the mainstream anti-quranic science debater along with TheRationalizer and others.

  5. Thanks Azdaha - we're all trying to do our little bit to save people from the lies that are proliferating out there.

  6. There's something about Estes that just makes my skin crawl. (Sorry - bit off topic but just had to get it off my chest)

  7. Sheikh Yusuf Estes is often misunderstood.

  8. Please read qura'n with an open heart. You will concrt to islam no doubt!

  9. Not just he said so... refer
    and got picture site in malay language..

  10. Funny how we should listen to someone who uses the word F in his sentence..