Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Hell of a party...

Here is a list of approximately five thousand contributors to society through history. This list contains the names of artists, authors, politicians, statesmen, actors, scientists, judges, designers, philosophers, philanthropists, thinkers, academics, directors, journalists, doctors, adventurers, sportsmen, singers, businessmen....
Apart from their immense and immeasurable gifts to the world, these people also have something else in common.  They were or are gay or bisexual. 
They are, or shortly will be therefore, in Hell - according to the teachings of Islam. 
Well God, you made 'em, you burn 'em! As the saying goes...
It must be a one hell of a party down there! I'm going to head towards the pit containing Leonardo di Vinci, Michelangelo, Alan Turing and Oscar Wilde, I think. We can have chew the cud while we're waiting for Stephen fry to arrive.


  1. Allah forgives if you repent.

  2. And if you do not repent, you get burnt for eternity.
    The problem with this repenting business, is that you can perform the most hideous of deeds but know when you get older you have to just sincerely repent (ie accept Allah and Muhammad) and 'bam' you get entry into paradise.

    But you do good all your life but never repent and you're toast for eternity.

    What of the people who never even heard of Allah or Mo. They do not even know about repenting but they will surely also have their skin repeatedly burnt and replaced so they can feel the pain of fire created by a benevolent god.