Saturday, April 28, 2012

London Muslim's trouble with racists...

The Islamic blog, London Muslim, has been host for a while now to a vitriolic anti-Semitic racist commenter who calls himself Mr Black. Those of us poor atheists who value people’s rights and freedoms above the dictates of some ancient, violent, racist, misogynistic, homophobic, mythological construct of desert dwelling tribes, find the whole my God is better than your God thing a complete mystery – but even by religion’s standards the Islamic obsession with Jews is beyond the pale. I have posted elsewhere on how Islam is inherently antisemitic and seems to foster in many of its adherents a searing hatred of Jews, Judaism and thus modern-day Israel. This racist bigotry is, of course, all but ignored by an establishment hell-bent on pandering to an ever-growing Muslim electorate/market. 

London Muslim's obsession with the "Israelites" is a case in point. His readers all know that by "Israelites" he means Jews. But by using the term he can pretend he is making a political point as opposed to inciting distrust and hatred in the age-old fashion of all antisemites. LM is careful (usually) to avoid blatant references to Jews but he reads, approves (posts must be approved by LM before being published) and allows to be posted such virulent, hate-filled comments as would have warmed the hearts of the Eichmann et al.  Here are some choice comments by Mr Black which apparently London Muslim approved for publication: 
Any wonder why jews have a history of getting kicked out of one nation after another. "Monotheistic" religion my ass. Judasim is more like a criminal cult masquerading as a religion hellbent on drowning the world in economic, political and military slavery.Hypocritical lying murderous parasites the lot of them.
NEVER trust a white beast, EVER. Lock and load!
Zionism is incompatible with humanity which is why it and it's (sic) practitioners must be exterminated. Zionist kikes deserve nothing less.

There's plenty more of the same but you get the gist.
Not once has LM seen fit to distance himself from these comments. 

Update: Even LM's Muslim readers are expressing concern over the vile antisemitism expressed in the comments section: 
JasmineApr 28, 2012 05:10 AM @LM - LM, I'm going to file a complaint here. Please take some steps to restrict Mr Black and disallow the spouting of such vicious hatred and baiting. I am not happy for this kind of character to speak on behalf on "the muslims" . I am a Muslim and I find his conduct disgusting: I do not wish to be associated and I am unhappy that his voice & views are dominating this webspace and taking away the attention from valid points that you are raising and turning this all into some kind of mud-slinging, rage-enhancing, argument. The man is openly antagonistic, racist and is even using swearwords. As your blog is now drawing the attention of the press and you are being featured in news articles etc - I think the one thing you really don't need for your profile is any sign that you are happy to tolerate this kind of speech on your blog.
How does Lm respond to the concerns of his readers? By appealing to their liberal consciences and quoting Voltaire...
LMApr 28, 2012 11:56 AM Voltaire I think it was who said I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. The moment you start to censor you end up on a slippery slope. Either you believe in freedom of speech or you don't which is why I have allowed disgusting hate filled comments about Muslims and Islam not because I agree with them but because it is a perfect illustration of the extremism that exists among all people of faith or no faith and all skin colours. Criminality and incitement of course is the one caveat where this blog will aim to draw the line which has happened on a number of occassion's including reluctantly closing down threads.


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