Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bradford Spring T shirt - now available!

SPECIAL OFFER! £3 OFF FOR FIRST 48 HOURS JUST £12.99, usual price £15.99
29.03.2012 was a sensational moment in British political history. George Galloway has dubbed his victory in Bradford West the Bradford Spring. There's never been anything quite like it, a party from the Left, outside the Westminster mainstream, turning a safe Labour Seat into a 10,000 majority against war and cuts, for a progressive alternative. Wear 'Bradford Spring' on your chest wherever you are and share in the joy of, for once, the neo-liberal consensus being shattered.
AND even better, for every shirt sold we will give one FREE to the army of young helpers, many unemployed, who helped secure the success in Bradford West. A small help toward ensuring the 'Bradford Spring' becomes a change for all seasons.

"Share in George's joy!" - wear a "Bradford Spring" T  ...and show your tenuous grasp of political reality., the company that likes to say yes to any half-baked political notion as long as it fits in with their idea of what trendy lefties should be supporting and earns them some dosh, has just released perhaps the most jaw-dropping piece of band-wagon merchandising since Galloway was last on the phone to them.

Just to help you get a more sensible view of philosophy... and football... here's some Python.


  1. Love the match!
    Pity the poor tits who buy the shirt.

  2. Galloway is a c*nt.