Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Muslim anti-gay leaflets in Derby

Five Muslim men have gone on trial for distributing anti-gay leaflets demanding homosexuals be given the death penalty. One leaflet called for gays to "Turn or Burn" and another suggested that GAY stood for God Abhors You.
Leaving aside that such reactionary anti-intellectual bigots are familiar with the word abhor, there is nothing, per se, to be surprised at in the second of these statements: the Muslim God, if one goes by the teachings of the Qur'an and more worryingly the sayings and actions of the Prophet, certainly does seem to hate gays.
These poor deluded cretins were simply following the teachings of their hate-filled and hate-fuelled religious texts and the equally ludicrous interpretations thereof by foolish old men. As Kabir Ahmed, one of the five accused, said in a police interview, he didn't feel that the views expressed in The Death Penalty? leaflet – which suggested three different ways to murder homosexuals – were wrong and simply expressed what Islam says about homosexuality, and it was his duty as a Muslim to condemn it.
Those who would like to examine more closely what the Qur'an and hadith (saying and actions of the Mohammad) have to say on the topic of homosexuality and what the glorious most merciful Allah has planned for practising gays, please see here.
In the meantime, let's remember that none of the Abrahamic religions has a great track record on this one.
Why can't all the priests and imams - not to put too fine a point on it - just f*ck off and leave those of us who value people above imaginary men in the sky to live in peace.

(see also Peter Tatchell's excellent 1995 article Muslim fundamentalists are a growing threat to gay human rights in Britain)


  1. Homosexuality is a sin, like any other. Homos need to repent, just like every other sinner. No more needs to be said

  2. Thanks for that erudite and sensitive addition to the debate, Anonymous.