Friday, January 27, 2012

Immam to be expelled from France for anti-semitism as Mehdi Hasan writes in the Times of his shame at Muslim attitudes to the Holocaust.

Mohammed Hammami le 23 septembre 2010. Ce jour-là, l'imam faisait partie des représentants du culte musulman reçus à l'Élysée.

We read in today's Le Figaro newspaper in France of an Immam about to be expelled from France for inciting hatred. Here's the very clear law under which Mohammed Hammami, Immam in the Tabligh Omar Mosque in Paris (XIe) will be chucked out : l'article L 521-3 du Code d'entrée et du séjour des étrangers et du droit d'asile which specifically bans

 «des actes de provocation explicite et délibérée à la discrimination, à la haine ou à la violence contre une personne déterminée ou un groupe de personnes».
Now take a wild guess at the groupe de personnes against which Hammami has been explicitly and deliberately provoking hatred and violence...

Apart from his nasty anti-semitic rants, this holy man has a nice line in misogyny such as calling for adulterous wives to be beaten to death and for female circumcision to be made law.

Oh and let's not forget that traditional favourite of the loony hate-mongers of Islam: gay-bashing. Or as Hammani would have it, gay killing: Quand vous trouvez deux hommes en train de commettre le péché de loth, mettez-les à mort.

Just another Immam who has sadly misunderstood the inspiring and beautiful words of the most merciful Allah.

(What a coincidence that The Times should choose today to publish a superb and long over-due article by Muslim, Mehdi Hasan, entitled I am am ashamed by Muslim attitudes to the Holocaust. This is a searingly honest and powerful indictment of the anti-Semitism that is rife in the Muslim community.
Here's a taste:
In the Middle East Holocaust denial is rife...In 2006 a Channel 4 poll found that a quarter of British Muslims didn't know what the Holocaust was and only one in three believed it had occurred ...We British Muslims prefer to wallow in vicarious victimhood. Only "our" tragedies matter: Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan...roll off our tongues. But none of these surpasses the Holocaust's barbarism.
 It is the elephant in the room of community relations and it is wonderful to see a brave Muslim tackle this issue.)

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