Friday, August 8, 2014

Koranic verses which prove a human author #4

We are all, quite rightly, outraged when we witness scenes of suffering and destruction, especially when inflicted upon whole communities including women and children by an outside force which seems to have little, if any, regard for the sanctity of family or of the old and frail. Such outrage is felt all the more keenly when that outside force is so much more powerful than the victims.
How is it then, that when God decides to punish a community of "unbelievers", "idolaters" or "sinners" by killing everyone - men, women, children, the old and the frail - by leveling their homes and businesses so that nothing but the shells remain, we are expected not only to accept this as just punishment, but to worship the visitor of the destruction as "the most merciful of all who are merciful"?
I ask this since the God of the Koran seems to me to be almost as vicious as the Judeo-Christian God of the Bible.
At least thirty-two verses in the Koran relate how God has destroyed "generations" or "communities" or towns. Not once are we told that He took pains to avoid what we might refer to nowadays as collateral damage by targeting only those who were the main sinners, or the men or the priests. Far from it. In fact God delights, it seems, in telling us how no-one was spared each time He visited death and destruction upon a people.
6.6 asks the rhetorical question: Do they not see how many a generation we have destroyed before their time...?
7.4 similarly: And how many a community have we destroyed? (Assad feels the need to add the word "rebellious"  before community - in case, perhaps, we get the impression God is careless in whom he chooses to wipe out)
or 17.7 And how many a generation have we destroyed after Noah?
or 19.74 How many a generation have we destroyed before their time?
Still not got the message?
20.128 Can they learn no lesson by recalling how many a generation have we destroyed  before their time?
And so it goes...on and on and on. At least twenty more times. God destroys community after community. Nation after nation. Generation after generation. Just like in the Bible.
And in case any Muslim reading this claims, as a commentor on my piece about Noah did recently, that perhaps the children were spared because we just don't know, I would direct them to 27.51 which quite explicitly tells us that all the inhabitants were slaughtered: Then see the nature of the consequence of their plotting, for lo! We destroyed them and their people, every one.

So to be clear, God is telling us that on countless occasions he has deliberately killed women and children because they failed to worship Him.

To someone raised in the Judeo-Christian tradition, all this death and destruction is of course very familiar:
This is what the LORD Almighty says: 'I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy  everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys.'  Samuel 15:2/3
Likewise  Muhammad, keen student of Jewish and Christian stories like the one above, would have heard endlessly of the vindictive nature of the one true God and surmised it to be an essential element of monotheism.
But there were other reasons for Muhammad to reference so often God's genocidal tendencies, for there was apparent "evidence" of God's jealous and destructive power in the abandoned shells of ancient towns and cities to be found near Mecca. For what other explanation could there be for the ruins?
22.45 hints strongly at this: And how many towns have We destroyed because it has been immersed in evil-doing. And now they lie deserted with their roofs caved in. And how many a well lies abandoned - and how many a castle that stood high!
28.58 hints at a similar idea: And how many a community that [once] exult­ed in its wanton wealth and ease of life have We destroyed so that those dwelling-places of theirs – all but a few - have never been dwelt-in after them: for it is indeed We alone who shall remain when all else will have passed away!

Thus anyone reading the Koran for the first time must ask themselves this question:
What kind of deity requires - on pain of extermination of not just yourself, but of your family, everyone you know, your home, your livelihood, the very society you have helped build - belief and submission without proof (for belief with proof is not faith)?

But of course we don't need to exercise our imagination too much. 
We just need to look at what the Islamic State is doing in Iraq at this very moment where the murderous loons of IS cast themselves in the role of God's agents of vengeance and appear to be on the verge of wiping an entire religion off the face of the earth.

 God came upon them in a manner which they had not expected, and cast terror into their hearts (59.2)

He has indeed.

When you weep at the suffering of the innocent civilians in Gaza, spare a thought for the multitudes of women and children and infants wiped out by your God for the sin of not believing Him to be a "merciful" deity. Imagine if the BBC or CBS had had access to the scenes of carnage, of women weeping over their dead children as God inflicts his "just punishment" on yet another township.

Outraged by the actions of the IS or perhaps the IDF, but you worship the Abrahamic god? Ten out of ten for cognitive dissonance, my friend.

God and his agents of terror. The cruelest genocidal madman ever to have been invented by humans.


  1. God never destroyed a community with first warning them by sending a Prophet.

    1. That is exactly how IDF justifies bombing civilian houses in Gaza.
      "We send elaflets and warning bomb forst before we send the real boom!".

      'It is OK if it fits me needs', isn't it?


  2. LMAO at comment above. That's OK then is it. Kill countless children because they didn't heed warning. Or didn't understand wtf was going on. Or had no sway over their parents. Sick genocide apologist

  3. "God can kill us if he wants - we are his creation"

  4. Righto then:
    Hosea 13:16
    The people of Samaria must bear their guilt,
    because they have rebelled against their God.
    They will fall by the sword;
    their little ones will be dashed to the ground,
    their pregnant women ripped open."
    This sounds horribly like what IS are doing except they would use the women as sex slaves

  5. If they are innocent they will be rewarded in the afterlife, why would they need to cling to this world which has none of the true comfort of the eternal life?

    Meanwhile the rest of the believers see God fulfill his promise when he destroys the unbelievers that oppress everyone. That gives hope to the true believers who have to put up with that oppression and the evil of these wicked generations.

    If you don't have any faith or belief then you have to desperately cling to this life. But that is a fairly sad existence. You'll live maybe 60-80 years or so at the high end, and then that's it? For most of that time, you will be old and feeble on top of that, and many people suffer in poverty or from illnesses or inequity.

    I think it says a lot about you that you want to ignore the plight of Gaza happening in front of your face to push your agenda of hating Islam and/or the Abrahamic God for past retribution of wicked people.

    1. Did I say I wanted to ignore the plight of the people of Gaza?
      I am simply asking readers to consider the irony of expressing outrage over the deaths of Palestinians.whilst worshiping a God who wipes out communities including women and children for the "sin" of not worshiping him.

    2. More proof of the futility of expecting reason, intelligence and common sense from a God-botherer; especially a fully brainwashed muslim.

  6. I believe it would be very difficult, if not possible, to achieve peace in the Middle East (Palestine/Israel) if the discussion and basis of negotiation between the conflicting sects is RELIGION.

    It is also difficult to get consensus among people around the world when all efforts of campaigning for any side of the argument are made based on religion. Each religion wants to win instead of wanting to solve the conflict. Muslims cried around the world that the Gazans are their brothers, and it is a godly duty to defend and fight for their brothers. Well, then, the non-brothers such as Spinoza are automatically considered wanting to 'ignore the plight of Gaza'. (U may say you get it from his writings, but I'll tell u that I read the same writing here and I do not get that, instead I see that he sympathize that what is subjected to the Gazans now are inhumane).

    Muslims who wants Islam to WIN would find it very difficult to agree with the proposed 2 state solution, and Israel/Zionist would find it difficult to give a way piece of land that their God gave to them.

    I for one does not know how we can land on an acceptable agreement for Middle East.


  7. First of all dont compare IS with islam. These people are terrorists and the one who kills a single innocent soul is equivalent to killing all of mankind. you say there are not clear signs but there are many if you open your mind to possibilities and search for truth. I mean really contemplate the meaning of life, our existance how this earth came into creation and really search hard for truth. Only then can God guide you.