Thursday, August 15, 2013

Don't bring your woolly liberal thinking in here...

Thanks to Jesus and Mo - genius.
[In case you can't read the headline in Jesus' paper: Pope Says Gays Okay (women still dodgy)]


  1. Sorry for off-topic, but there is some quite remarkable and nice Iera news you might like to post about. Check out the constenation on this ummah forum thread which is joined by a certain Mr Tzortzis at one point:

    So Hamza Tzortzis has finally removed his embryology claims from his website and advocates a new approach to science in the Quran. It could be a mixture of protecting his reputation from all the criticism he gets, wanting a more robust position, and an element of conscience over his paper that he has known for a while to be full of false claims.

    He must really be trying hard to please everybody because he even has a link to the paper that debunked him and led to his rethink

    which is also on

    Apparently the leadership of Iera agree with his essay, so in theory you'd expect them to follow his lead and remove the debunked paper from their site too‎

    Perhaps he has enough influence to persuade some other da'ees to abandon the scientific miracles approach too. If so, hatz off to Hamza for once!

  2. Thanks, Anon.
    Just checked the first link - there's a message which says "Forum off-line until further notice"
    Or are they aware that this is kicking up a bit of a stink?
    Whatever - interesting times ahead!

  3. Read Hamza's paper. The first chink in the armor? Certainly a shocking volte face. I'd love to know what the others at iERA are making of all this!