Saturday, July 27, 2013

Double points during Ramadan!

Those fellas at iERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy) are getting really excited again.
Here's their latest hyperbolic announcement in an email sent to their followers entitled "Double Up!":
I'm sure many of us are now gearing up for the last part of Ramadan; focusing on how to maximise on our good deeds through making additional salaah, reading Qur'an and making du'a. Dawah may be going further away from our minds as we aim to focus on our personal ibaadah. Are we right in thinking about dawah like this? Can dawah offer us the chance of really maximising our rewards? Well, actually, it really can.

Let's look at this closer. The goal of dawah is to invite people to the worship of Allah ﷻ. If through your efforts, whether through passing knowledge or giving saqadah (in charity), someone is guided to Islam, you would share in the reward of every good deed they did. YES.

This means that every time they PRAY, they FAST, read the QUR'AN, you will gain a similar reward - isn't this AMAZING? But wait. It gets better.

If they have children, who also do good deeds, you also share in their reward. And if they have children who do good deeds, you again share, generation after generation. This is a real MERCY from Allah ﷻ.

If that wasn't enough, then in Ramadan, all our good deeds are multiplied. So how much more ajr (reward) can we attain? Allah ﷻ knows best, all we can do is make our actions sincerely for him.
Double points at Islam this week everyone! But hurry - offer* ends soon!

*Terms and conditions apply. Applicants must be prepared to leave their common sense at home.



  1. Leave your sense of humour at the door with your shoes.

  2. r there any rational Muslims out there who find this sort of b*llocks ridiculous as well?

  3. Aha. Aha. Oh my God you're so hilarious... -ly cheap you ocean of cum.

  4. Assalam.o.Alaikum,
    Ramzan Is Just A Hughe Oppurtunity For Us Muslims To Come Near Allah And Repent Over Our Sins...
    May Allah Forgive Us ALL ...
    Books On Fasting

    1. But do you believe in this sort of points system which is what Spinoza was satiris