Monday, June 24, 2013

What if...

Those darned questions that keep Western revert to Islam, Charlie "Muhammad" Brown, awake at night...
What if the Creator is a kind-hearted, intelligent liberal?
What if He actually approves of people being allowed to find love in any way they choose as long as it harms no-one else?
What if He found the idea of a "chosen people" laughable?
What if He disapproves of treating the sexes differently?
What if He thought women in a marriage had just as much right to make the decisions as men?
What if He thought the idea of leaving scientific clues to his omniscience in a book just a little bit beneath him?
What if He asks why I believed everything I read instead of using my intelligence to question?
What if He thinks blind faith is just plain stupid?
Oh good grief! What if He is a WOMAN?


  1. This is a good question. Muslim's are discouraged vehemently to ask questions about god. The quran is littered which verses saying do not ask questions about things that you won't like the answer for. Also about God bieng noncomprehensible. This leads to muslims bieng locked in a train of thought which encourages intellectual laziness.

    My suspicion is that mohammed did not know the answers to certain questions, so he just stated a convenient way to avoid the issue all together.

    Consider an all knowing all powerful being not able to explain the nuances of the universe.

    the issue with muslim claims of god not being comprehensible is that it contradicts every comprehensible statement muslims make about god.
    It ultimately leads to the question how do they know? Well the answer is they don't.

  2. What if all you said was actually a part of islam? (except God being a woman because God has no sex or gender).
    What if you do a better research about islam instead of misguusing people and spreading hate?
    What if i told you that "chosen people" is a jewish thing not a muslim thing.
    What if i told you womens thoughts and opinions are just as important to
    That of men in islam.

    Do your research sweety.

    1. Allah adores Muslims and Muslims only he does not welcome unbelievers into heaven and throws them in to hell, therefore Muslims are Allah's preferred, desired his "chosen people"...

      You're right Allah has no sex or gender but is prone to reinforcing patriarchy and male domination in Islam and prefers to be called "he" instead of "she" for to be called "she" in a patriarchal world like the Islamic world is to be weak, so he prefers "he" because "men are the maintainers of women" and not of each other.

      Plus women don't have the right to discipline their husband, they must lower their voice in the presence of male strangers and have limited contact with them assuming they have permission from their husbands or fathers or brothers or some "MALE" mahram to go out and meet such strangers, subscribe to gender apartheid and remain constantly "modest", because Islam reduces all contact between men and women down to sex. plus they can't be an imam or a mullah or a caliph (positions of Islamic authority) which are reserved for men and men only, plus the fact that the vast majority of Islamic scholars for 1400 years have been overwhelmingly men, so, so much for women's thoughts and opinions on Islam being heard by the Muslim masses (with there high birth rate- a characteristic of poor, backward, religious undeveloped peoples) and of course Muslim women's testimonies are not equal to that of men because the gender of women as one Muslim "male" scholar put it "the gender of men is more perfect than the gender of women"

      what kind of cruel god would make the gender of women not as perfect as man- only Allah.

      What kind of a cruel god would look at war the devastation, the destruction the depression the misery the horror the blood the tears the cries of widows and children that it causes and says "that's HOLY... That's HOLY WAR"- only Allah.

      I'm afraid you're the Idiot/ Muslim apologist who probably practices mental gymnastics to avoid these blemishes in Islam and performing taqqiya to misguide Muslims and non Muslims or as Islam calls them derogatorily "kuffars" "unbelievers" "fuel for the fire" no wonder Islam spreads hate for non Muslims.

      If your a Muslim woman you've probably become weak, meek and docile due to Islamic indoctrination and your now under the sway of Stockholm syndrome to defend male domination in Islam.

      your name "moving disaster" really does reflect Islam a "moving disaster" no longer confined to Arabia but now to the whole world.

      P.S. Do you have a male mahrams permission to be on the internet and talk to male strangers