Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iERA and Gods existance (sic)

Gods Existance

It pains me to put such illiterate nonsense in my blog title but sometimes aesthetic concerns must bow to the greater need to expose the cretins at the Islamic EDUCATION and Research Association (a registered charity, for f*ck's sake) for what they are. Today they deserve to be pilloried not just for their moronic attempts at philosophy and logic but for their evident ignorance of basic grammar and spelling.

The offending title appears in the "advanced dawah" section of their website. This is presumably where those who have progressed beyond basic bollocks go to learn specialist techniques for spouting cutting-edge, innovative, jaw-dropping bollocks. 

The first subheading under their nonsensical title is "The Dawkins delusion - a response to Richard Dawkins". I bet the professor is quaking in his atheist boots...

(Unfortunately, the link appears not to work. If anyone can track down iERA's no doubt searing endictment of the professor's work on evolutionary biology I'd love to hear from you...)


  1. Gods Existance: Embrace Polytheism!

    I guess the article is probably this one


    Which was plagiarized in his usual fashion from Christian apologists


    1. Thanks, Anon.
      That'll keep me busy for a while...

  2. "Some people who do not understand the impossibility of the universe coming into being by chance exclaim, “It could have happened by chance!” However would they say chance explains how an elephant was sleeping in their garage overnight? Or how a 747 ended up parked in their garden? Even after their irrational perspective is highlighted, they still hold on to the theory that the universe can exist due to chance."
    Classic Tzortzis!
    I'd suggest you do a roast on his paper but it'd be like shooting fish in a barrel...

    1. Here's an even better one from his paper:
      "The odds against assembling the human genome spontaneously are incalculable. The probability of assembling the genome is between 4-180 to 4-110,000 and 4-360 to 4-110,000. These numbers give some feel for the unlikelihood of the species Homo sapiens. And if anyone were to accept evolution by chance, they would have to believe in a miracle as these numbers are so high! Therefore evolution itself would prove the existence of God!"
      I just love the way he uses "evolution" and "chance" in the same breath without any trace of irony...

  3. LMFAO!
    Spinoza, you are wasted on this blog - you need to be on stage!