Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Islamic Hell - Allah must be evil

A recurring theme in my discussions with my Muslim friend is the Islamic concept of Hell. How is it, I ask him, that the "Most Merciful of all those who are merciful" can consign his creation to everlasting torment. Does it seem just that my (God given!) curiosity should lead  me to use logic and science to reject faith and then punish me by burning the skin off my back for eternity.
If such a God does exist then he is most surely an evil God and we should reject Him.
The above video makes the point very clearly. Do please watch it.


  1. In Islam, nobody dies for your sin. You are accountable for what you do. There is no inheritance of sin in Islam. Who can say by looking at a newborn baby that he/she is born with sin ?!!!!. First we have to put our brain in locker to believe this.

  2. Exodus 20:1-5 (Curse of idol worship extends to fourth generation of great grandchildren.)Deut. 23:2 (Curse of the bastard extends to tenth generation of descendants.)

    What kind of God is this "cursing the descendants of the sinner"

  3. Children born from incestuous unions (Gen. 19:36-38).

    Here Children born from incestuous unions are cursed. What a kind God !!!

  4. "But anyone who says 'You fool!' will be in danger of the fire of hell." (Jesus) Mat 5:22

    "You fools!" (Jesus) Luke 11:40
    "You blind fools!" (Jesus) Mat 23:17
    "How foolish you are" (Jesus) Luke 24:25

    "But God said to him, 'You fool!' " (Jesus) Luke 12:20

    "You foolish Galatians!" (St. Paul) Galatians 3:1
    "You foolish man" James 2:20

    Do not misquote verses out of context.

  5. Anonymous, dude, there is a differnce between calling someone a fool because he can't see the trees from the forest, and calling someone names; it's all about what your heart commands you to do; read the Bible man, stop reading retarded anti-christian websites...