Tuesday, October 6, 2015

There are no scientific miracles in the Qur'an - OFFICIAL!

Here...finally...the great Hamza Tzortzis (of the portentously titled Islamic Education and Research Academy) admits that it's all been utter bullshit from the start.
What a shame that so many gullible, vulnerable young people have converted to Islam after being convinced by this crap.

Now here's the question. Is Hamza going to apologise? Don't wait up....


  1. He's a pretty good scientific miracles debunker now, lol!

    For those wondering how this came about - it all started when the Iera circus rolled up at an atheist convention in Ireland:

    ...which humiliation led to the university of Hamza publishing a lengthy and preposterous "scientific-linguistic analysis" paper on embryology in the quran, since permanently withdrawn due to the response below (the paper withdrawn, not the quran, though one can only dream...).

    This atheist response obliterated it:

    which led to this climb down article

    and a secretly recorded iera webinar where they worry about the atheist response and even the blog you are reading right now

    So basically they've realised the whole thing is counter productive to their ends in the face of increasing skepticism and the age of the internet, as well as being utterly untenable.

    If only Zakir Naik and co would have the same rude awakening!

  2. This is a major defeat for the Dawagandalists. The credit goes to folks like Captain Disguise, Stop Spamming, Klingschor, Rationalizer, and many others who stood up against lies, deceit, and religious propaganda.
    Thank you Rational Isalm? for your contribution in derailing this absurd Dawa movement that is a menace to every free thinking individual out there....
    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hi! I absolutely agree with you that trying to find scientific miracles on Qur'an is not rational. I just want to tell about myself idk even iç someone will evet read this. I just think about life& universe trying my best on understanding. But there is just one phylosophical question on my mind all the time. Why there are things instead of nothing? I don't know if this is a silly question I read comments on Krauss's universe from nothing. I am not an astrophysist I am studying medicine. But I made research about astrophysist comments on it. They say that those arguments are not "scientific" but personal opinions. So this just drives me into that there is a being which have intellect and chose to give existence. I offenly think about Carl Sagan once sad: You ask me what's universe purpose and I ask you What's God's purpose. This is a really deep question and no one can dare to answer that I guess. As a theist I only can say that I don't know and He knows. And why I am not a deist? I tried my best on human history like myths and modern time religons. The god on my mind must be distinct from universe itself otherwise it is just universe itself. So I rejected far eastern mystisism. I don't have the true blood for judasim and It is just so obvios that bible has so much from man made and declares a worldwide flood, a Couple thousand years old human history which are so untrue. And in the Qur'an has some stories but not much in details but in the message to give. It does not have to be a worldwide flood It doesn't say an accurate mountain by name and from so many myths like Gılgamesh, Greek or all mythology has their own version of flood. My personal idea about this is Prophet noah and his people survived from the flood and then they went different parts of the world made their own civilizations. And about Prophet Muhammed I just considered myself as Living in 7th century. A neighbour of me lived next to me for 40 years a humble and trusted person. Then he declares himself as a Prophet and tells people there is going to be a judgement day a lifeafter etc. What would i do? He would have been suffering from some kind of mental disease. He could have been lying to gain power and respect. What we see in his life he never lived in palace never have been rich. He may be a realy clever poet to convince people so make his society a better place maybe. But this clever ideologist person would take such a risk to claim his own uncle and his Wife saying those two will never believe and will go to hell. Surah Tebbet. All those two had to do was I actually considering to believing one god. Even if they lied Qur'an will be just destroyed but they never even tried this they were just too blind to see. And he was using Arabic such a beautiful way. In Medical school I don't see any symptom to make a person poet immediately. And he challenges people saying that you can't bring a part like it. I don't know Arabic. I am not the othoroty to judge. But this is obvios that nobody brought something like it because otherwise people would leave their religons because if they had any suspect about Prophet or his revelation why would they even bother themselves. It would be more benefical to be a pagan. It is not rational to make scientific miracles from Qur'an but I have a different opinion about this that this book has a view on every ages. Like You may think that universe is stable like for ages Before big bang theory and for our ages you may think It expands from the ayah" We are the one who streches/expands".
    My english is not also so good but all I can say is I found guidance with this religon and I am convinced that Prophet himself was sure of himself and he was a truthful person and was a blessing. Just please try to be objective by judging him there are so many wrong sources just try to be objective